Bone Guard Shrink Wrap Packaging Bags

Bone Guard Shrink Wrap Packaging Bags

Coextrusion is a process that “combines” together different plastics to form a single film. Each layer in the film serves a different function, and by mixing different combination of plastics together, we are able to provide packaging that targets specific needs of the product to be packed
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Product Details

Product introduction

Bone guard shrink wrap packaging bags are our bone guard bags, and we are very proud of this. Our Bone guard bags are sold well in AUS market and even can be competed with 110micron bag.We can also down guage the bag without compromising the puncture resistance. We have a great customer that is in Australia and packing lamb. They used to use the Cryovac TBG patched bag – and were getting about 3% reject rate. When they switched over to our BDM series, they managed to cut leak rate down to 1 out of 300 packs, AND they also saved money by switching to us also.


Our company

IPE is specialized in barrier shrink products – we have done this for 20 years and we have been very focused on this sector.

All our investments have been in the BARRIER SHRINK industry

 - Anything that is barrier and non-shrink, like thermoforming, like vacuum pouches, we don’t make

-   Anything that is non-barrier and shrink, like POF film, we don’t make either

Everything we make is both barrier AND shrink.

This means that we have been able to concentrate all our experience and technology in this area. We don’t make many things, but anything we do make, we make it well.


Innovation and technology 

Over 15 testing instruments right here on-site in our factory. We have invested over USD100,000 in this lab, and normally if you go to SGS to do one test, it will cost over USD500, and we have all the same equipment here. If you work with us, you will have access to all these.


Our market

We work to build partnerships with many major companies worldwide.


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