Shrink Bags For Tough Bone With Superb Puncture

Shrink Bags For Tough Bone With Superb Puncture

Bone Guard Meat Shrink Bags make packing your product easier, with no need to manually apply bone guard. Designed to withstand high abuse, these bags are perfect for products that may pierce standard bags, especially for bone-in products, either fresh or frozen, with high puncture risistence to avoid leakers during transportation and storage. our Austlon-EVOH BD Series help form an air-tight seal between the packaging and the bone marrow, helping reduce potential spoilage.
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This packaging material was designed to minimise preparation time when packaging meat products that have harder, sharper edges such as; T-Bone steaks, spare ribs, loin cuts, chops or unfilleted fish. The idea is that the product can be packaged without being de-boned, which as industry professionals, we are aware that this can be a time-consuming exercise. 

We have three types based on different thickness.

Austlon-BDL 75um

Balance of cost efficiency and puncture resistance, Austlon BD75 is ideal for customers packing products requiring a little extra puncture.  

Combination of strength and shrink for consumer appeal – ideal for leg hams, or hard dried products.

Austlon-BDM 95um

For bone-in products such as loins, racks, and legs, Austlon-BD95 offers superb puncture resistance to protect your products. High barrier with shelf life extension makes it suitable for export applications, and glossy appearance – all without the need for extra boneguard patch. 

Austlon-BDH 110um for most difficult bone in applications


IPE's shrink bags use EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Co-Polymer), shrink bags for tough bone with superb puncture,which provides a superior barrier to oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and helium, while containing no chlorine. This naturally increases the shelf life of meat products. It also assists in protecting products from high abuse such as multiple sales, freight handling and cross contamination.

Austlon-BD series shrink bags are stronger than other packaging materials due to its carefully designed layering structure. 9-layers are used in total, each with a specific function and each working to fully protect your product.


In the food industry, your food is your income. By protecting your product, IPE's shrink bags are protecting your revenue.  To find out more, contact us NOW!

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