Barrier Resins Market Material Type - Nylon, EVOH, and PVDC

- Jun 20, 2019-

Barrier resins are a type of polymers that sustain the quality, and flavor of food, restrict entry of gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, volatile matter of nitrogen compounds, water vapor, and improve the shelf life to food products. It is used in various applications such as cosmetics & personal care products, medical packaging, aid in synthesis of laboratory chemicals,Nylon, Ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), Poly vinyl diene chloride (PVDC) are mostly used barrier resins in various applications.

 Nylon offers good oxygen barrier and is used for the food packaging application. Moreover, resistance to high temperature offered by nylon makes it useful in applications in microwave bags. 

EVOH is commonly used for gas barrier in food packaging applications. Due to its high transparency, weather and solvent resistance, EVOH is also used in medical applications such as interventional radiology. 

In the packaging industry, PVDC is generally applied as a water-based coating on other plastic-based films. Food & beverage is the major application segment of the packaging industry. Barrier resins are used to manufacture shrink films, bottles, molted boxes, pouches, and films for food & beverage packaging applications. 

These resins are popular in the packaging of meat and processed food, which requires long storage time. Barrier resins provide good resistance to some organic chemicals and solvents, and high barrier to oxygen and vapor.  Gas barrier properties of barrier resins make them suitable for agriculture applications such as our MAP lidding films (usage in vegetables, fruit applications). 

In this year of 2019, at IPE, we will be able to offer full ranges of above barrier shrink products:

Barrier shrink bags                            —a range of bone-in and boneless, cheese shrink bags

MAP shrink lidding film(25um)         -- new generation shrink and barrier lidding film similar as Cryovac 1050

Plastic casings                                     --either round or molded type products

Turkey shrink bags                              --premeable shrink bags allowing gas release to keep products fresher

Please feel free to send email to, Let us know your applications and size requirements, then we can match a suitable packaging solution for your products.