Bone-in packaging: Be Tough!

- Oct 12, 2018-

Bone-in packaging not only is strong enough to repel punctures, but attractive enough to appeal to retailers and consumers.


Case-ready meat and poultry’s increasingly prevalent presence in retail aisles is having a catalyzing effect on packaging. In response to merchant demands for aesthetically appealing products that will grab the attention of consumers, packages are being designed with greater clarity and striking graphics. And with bone-in products becoming more popular, manufacturers are adding elements for greater strength and resiliency to withstand stresses from shipping and handling and to prevent punctures.

Bone-in packaging on the store shelf has to be stronger and look much nicer than the typical packages of the past.”


 “Retailers are demanding more merchandisable structures, so manufacturers can’t necessarily produce packages with a big patch, an opaque patch, or a cloudy structure. It has been a challenge because most of the materials that were good from a puncture resistant standpoint weren’t necessarily clear.

Clearer bags also enable butchers to better assess the marbling and the overall condition of meats before opening packages. The merchants then can more easily return products to processors if they are dissatisfied with the coloring.

Such clarity also allows butchers to more accurately gauge the type of cut in each bag. By then refrigerating the unopened packages, they can insure that a wide variety of meats are kept in stock.

“Meat and poultry have a shelf life of about three days once a butcher cuts the bag open,” Kitchell notes. “But products can last thirty to forty-five days when bags remained sealed and properly refrigerated.”

At IPE, we have bone-in solutions that remain glossy and clear even after shrinking, maximizing customer appeal.

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