Still having leakers for your bone-in products? Don’t want to use extra Boneguard patch?

- Jul 09, 2018-

There is nothing more frustrating than leakers in your vacuum packaging operation.  It's bound to happen no matter what additional measures you take but there is an easy and affordable way to drastically reduce the number of leakers you receive.  

Bone Guard Shrink Bags were specifically designed for bone-in, heavy rub or high abuse products like fresh meats, cooked/processed meats and cheese. The high-grade, chlorine-free film provides edge to edge full coverage puncture protection – ALL without the need for extra boneguard patch.


Boneguard bags are used for:

  • Bone in fresh meat (beef, racks of ribs)

  • Pork loins, ribs, legs

  • Legs of lamb, racks

  • Poultry, bones in pieces

  • Smoked meat with hard surfaces

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