BOPP heat seal film performance and application range

- May 03, 2018-

The coefficient of friction is an index for measuring the sliding characteristics of BOPP film. The proper friction coefficient is very important for the operation of cigarette packs on the machine. The film requires a good thermal sliding property to meet the high speed in the hot state (400 packs/rain~ 600 bags/rain) slip so that the packaging line can be full at full speed without affecting production.

Uses: mainly used for printing, bag making and so on.

Performance: * High definition and gloss * Excellent heat seal strength * Excellent print performance * Good antistatic properties and smoothness properties.

Common thickness: 20, 25, 30, 40, 45μm

Thickness tolerance: ±3% (β ray thickness measurement)

Although the human eye is the best tool to evaluate the optical properties of thin films, controlling by visual alone is not enough, because lighting conditions, mood of observers, and quantitative control will all have an impact. In order to obtain reliable and quality assurance, it is necessary to quantify the appearance with objective, measurable parameters. Gloss and haze are two important indicators of the optical properties of quantitative BOPP films.