Cheese Packaging – how to choose the right cheese packaging?

- Jul 06, 2018-

Cheese Packaging – how to choose the right cheese packaging?


Nutrient rich cheese had been a long time staple in meals around the world. Over the past few years though, cheese has been gaining popularity as a handy snack, thanks to its reputation as a protein dense food packed with calcium and vitamins. Cubed, shredded, sliced, or as string cheese, versatile food packaging plastic plays a big role in delivering fresh, cheesy goodness to consumers in quite a few innovative ways. Here are some of the inventive products providing convenience and sustainability in cheese packaging.


Cheese Barrier Films

Plastic barrier shrink film materials provide a “skintight” fit, enabling cheese to develop its natural flavor and texture, while retaining color during curing. The vacuum protection provides a barrier to oxygen and helps cheese maintain proper moisture levels. Designed to maintain product quality, freshness and extend shelf life with less waste, barrier shrink films also help reduce food waste from mold growth.

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