Cheese packaging requirements

- Jun 11, 2019-

For ripening of gaseous cheeses such as Emmental, Gouda and Edam..... and we have different type bags to match curing cheese, thus allowing CO2 to be released from the cheese while keeping its oxygen and moisture barrier. Available either in clear or a variety of colors. so for detailed requirements, please feel to send our email


1. Low water permeability

The moisture permeability of the packaging material must be low to prevent loss of moisture during storage.

2. Low oxygen permeability

In order to prevent mildew, the oxygen inside the package must be kept at a very low level.

3. Certain carbon dioxide transmission rate

The ripening process of cheese is a process of microbial fermentation, which is bound to release CO2. But the right amount. CO2 is stored in the bag to inhibit microbial growth. Therefore, the CO2 transmittance is not as high as possible.

4. other requirements

Color, printing, etc.