Describe the heat shrink film inspection standards

- May 03, 2018-

Heat shrinkable film can be used for the transportation of a variety of products, which can protect the product, because the heat shrinkable film shrinkage performance is relatively good, has been popular with the people, today's heat shrink film manufacturers bring you the heat shrink film inspection standards Let's watch it together.

1. When inspecting the heat-shrinkable film, first look at the surface of the heat-shrinkable film, and see if the transparency of the heat-shrinkable film is good, whether the color is bright, whether there is any damage, or if it is perforated.

2, heat shrink film manufacturers suggest that everyone, do not forget to see how the flatness of the heat shrink film, you can randomly take a heat shrink film, look under the heat shrink film wrinkles, whether there are signs of shrinkage.

3, there is a look at the outer packaging of heat shrink film, look at the surface of the product name, manufacturer, date, quantity and other information, and the surface to be clean, clean, can not have dust.

Let us talk about the three standards of heat shrinkable film inspection. When we examine the heat shrinkable film, we can refer to it. If you don't understand the heat shrinkable film, you are welcome to consult our heat shrinkable film manufacturers to serve you wholeheartedly.