don't patch it up for racks/ loins/ joints

- Oct 15, 2018-

Traditionally, the processors relied on an extra boneguard patch over the bone area to ensure the packaging protected the sharp protruded areas from puncture. There are now better technologies available for packing bone-in meats that utilize stronger materials we use to make the bag, rather than another external patch.


Austlon-B+ series boasts clarity and true shrink, the bag is super glossy with hard to beat puncture resistance, with a guarantee of minimal leakers, even for the most difficult cuts. We invite all customers to test using our latest series against your current packaging - let us prove to you how we can help reduce leakers for your products.


Hot Product Boneguard Shrink Bags is designed especially for bone-                  in products, either fresh or frozen, with high puncture resistance to avoid leakers during transportation and storage. 

                         Boneguard Shrink Bags 

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