Global poultry market is expected to grow by 4%

- Jun 11, 2019-

Despite the fact that the global poultry market is expected to have a year-over-year growth rate for 2019 of 2.93%, Technavio analysts expect to see a stronger growth rate for the next 4 years.A key factor driving the growth of the global poultry meat market is the increasing import and export of poultry meat. 



Various countries have increased the import of chicken meat in recent years. For instance, Japan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, China, and Iraq were some of the key importers of chicken meat during 2018. In addition, there has been a significant increase in the import of chicken meat from emerging economies including the Philippines owing to the rising demand for chicken meat among the consumers. Therefore, the rising export of chicken meat from economies including the US and Brazil will boost the demand for poultry meat in the forthcoming years.

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