Hot shrink film commonly used processing materials

- May 03, 2018-

Heat shrinkable film is mainly used for the sale or transportation of various products, and the transportation product is also more convenient because of the heat shrinkable film. It can protect the product stably, and can be used in many industries. Heat shrinking film manufacturers introduce heat shrinking to everyone. What are the commonly used processing materials of the film?

1, polyethylene. The heat-shrinkable film of such materials has relatively large impact strength, and the seal is also relatively strong, the price is also lower, and the shrinkage temperature is higher, but the gloss is not very good.

2, polypropylene. Heat-shrinkable film manufacturers tell you that the heat-shrinkable film of this material is very good in transparency and gloss, and the shrink tension is also very strong. The packaging of the records we usually see is the packaging of this material.

3, polyvinyl chloride. The heat-shrinkable film of this kind of material is relatively hot-shrinkable, and the heat-shrinkable film packaged using this material is transparent and beautiful, and the heat-sealed portion is also very neat. The use is still relatively wide.

The above three kinds of materials are commonly used materials for the processing of heat shrinkable film, I do not know what kind of material you like the heat shrinkable film it? We have a wide range of heat shrink film manufacturers, complete specifications, welcome to buy.