how to choose packaging for your cheese

- Jan 03, 2019-

We are happy to recommend our Austlon-CD for your semi hald or hard cheese packaging. Austlon-CD is designed especially for ripening of gaseous cheeses such as Emmental, Gouda and Edam. Austlon-CD is suitable for cheese curing, thus allowing CO2 to be released from the cheese while keeping its oxygen and moisture barrier. Available either in clear or a variety of colors.



                    Main type 

Curing time

Packaging Requirement

 Fresh Cheese 

 feta; mozzarella;  mascarpone;   ricotta  

Rather short

transparent or logo pringting, high barrier

 White mould cheese 

   camembert;   brie.   

1-3 months


 Washed rind cheese

pont l; eveque;  munster;   herve;  weisslacker;   taleggio.  

1-6 months,Wipe with wine and saline during ripening


 Blue cheese

  roquefort;   dannblu;  gorgonzola;   
   blue   stilton;   german   blue. 

6-8 weeks


 Semi hard cheese 

 edam; gouda; maasdam; mimolette;   
 havarti;  /Provolone; Monterey Jack. 

half curing,1-6 more shelf life

color packaging, allowing CO2 to be released.

 Hard Cheese

beaufort; bergkase;  cheddar; manchego  parmigiano;   reggiano; emmental

completely curing,9-24 more shelf life.

color packaging,  allowing CO2 to be released.

Hot Product Cheese Shrink Bags is designed especially for bone-                  in products, either fresh or frozen, with high puncture resistance to avoid leakers during transportation and storage. 

                         Bone-in meant bags 

                       Meat bone shrink bags

                       Heavy duty shrink bags

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