How does our shrink barrier bags work in frozen condition?

- Aug 14, 2018-

Meat shelf life is increased by controlling or altering the environment inside the Vacuum bag. Removing the oxygen slows the rate at which natural enzymes break down the muscle and connective tissue, controls the temperature and slows the growth of bacteria, which would normally break down the meat protein. The better you are able to control a consistent cold temperature, the better shelf life you will get.

When temperature of meat in your home refrigerator or camping chiller moves up and down, life of the packaged meat is decreased. Try to maintain a consistent low temperature by placing you meat packs in the draw of the fridge or at the bottom of your chiller where exposure to warm air is minimized.

Buying meat in bulk is a good idea, especially when it is on sale, but you do not want to cook more meat than you need. Freezing it is simple and safe. Raw meat and poultry maintain their quality and taste for several months. Cooked meats that are frozen should be used sooner, because the moisture that was lost during cooking can cause them to dry out quicker and lose their quality. Freezer burn is the result of damage to the meat from dehydration and oxidation. This happens when air reaches the meat, and causes brown or grey spots on the food. Meat with freezer burn does not pose a health or safety issue, but it will alter the taste when thawed and cooked. Wrap meat to prevent freezer burn by using proper packaging.

Note: Never refreeze raw meat that was previously frozen, as this can pose a health hazard. If you've thawed more meat than you can eat at one time, cook all the meat and then freeze the remainder of it after it's cooked.

IPE offers a range of high barrier shrink bags to prolong shelf life WITHOUT needing to freeze the product, thus preserving the texture, taste as well as nutrients in the meats. Checkout our range of shrink bags below:

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