another form of modified meat packaging: poultry packaging

- Jul 18, 2018-


Poultry is a perishable commodity that supports the growth of micro-organisms. Like other meat packaging, modified atmosphere packaging is quickly used for poultry to slow the aging process. Poultry packaging often uses carbon dioxide to slow the aging process. Just like seafood, Seafood often uses higher concentrations of carbon dioxide with packaging than poultry. Poultry often uses 20% or less of carbon dioxide to slow spoilage.


Poultry Processor to Grocery Store

Poultry has a variety of forms it is offered to end users. Whole chickens and turkeys are often packaged different than a package of legs or thighs. For whole fowl products, vacuum packaging and shrink packaging are often used. A variety of different forms of vacuum packaging is chosen depending on the processor.

Chamber vacuum packaging and nozzle vacuum packaging are common forms used throughout the industry. The decision to use an inert gas such as carbon dioxide often determines the type of vacuum packaging chosen. If choosing the use of an inert gas, nozzle vacuum packaging is often chosen.

Non-barrier shrink bags are another commonly used material for packaging whole birds. The non-barrier shrink bags are often form filled and completely sealed to prevent leaking and contamination.


For packages of poultry pieces, foam trays and a flow wrapper is often used for packaging. A flow wrapper uses two rolls of film to enclose the meat and tray. Other materials used for packaging poultry pieces are clamshell packaging and multi-layer flexible films.


Since most grocery stores sell poultry products to customers the same way they are received from processors, we are not going to have a separate section for grocery stores to end users. On occasion, some grocery stores do use meat overwrappers and film for quartered and half chickens.



The meat packaging industry requires the use of a large variety of packaging materials and machinery. The type of material and process chosen is often determined by the type of meat being packaged. A consistent factor found within most meat packaging is modified atmosphere packaging.

Altering the atmosphere the meat is stored in substantially increases the life of the product. Different types of meat require different modifications for optimal shelf life. Determining the types of meat being processed and projected production levels is great first step in determining the proper meat packaging solution.

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