Ordinary vacuum bags are not suitable for seafood

- Mar 05, 2019-

Why do you want to use ordinary vacuum bags ? Everyone knows that plastic packaging has been a necessary part of our life, it makes our life much more convenient, we are often using it packing many kinds of food like fruit, vegitables, meat, fresh..... etc., so often there are customers who suspect that we can't live without these plastic packaign, but it is not recyclable, so what we can we do to protect our foods with a packaging which is not only can better maintian our food, but also is eco-friendly to our enviroment. we have customers who were used to pack their seafood with a 70um-100um thickness ordinary vacuum bags to pack thick seefood, so here let us explain why it is not suitable for seafood:

Ordinary vacuum bags are not suitable for keeping longer shelf life

which means they are not function well in the Qxygen barrier. vacuum bags is not recommended. First of all, the seafood only have few days even 1-2 days fresh date. For any kind of seafood, it is important to choose a high barrier bags to better keep its taste and shelf life, so it has been a popular trend to use high barrier but thinner bags to pack your high value seafood . 

In short, it is not suitable to use the ordinary vacuum bags to pack your high value seafood, cause the cost is expensive, but the quality of your seafood inside it is not as well as you expected . Of course, unless you don't want better protect your seafood from been frozen burnt and loose water and flavor of it , or it is not recommended to use middle barrier vacuum bags to pack you high value seafood.

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