IPE is committed to packaging sustainability and packaging recyclability.

- Aug 09, 2018-

We have always believed in sustainability – because technology has improved we are able to offer increasing high functionality packaging while using less packaging materials.

e.g. a 45um shrink bag can do a better job than 70um vacuum pouch in all areas such as shelf life, presentation etc.

We believe and promote the following “R”s within our company:

·         REDUCE – through use of new and innovative materials, we are able to provide solutions using LESS packaging materials without compromising performance. E.g. we are able to offer 50% weight reduction in our boneguard shrink bags* compared to traditional solutions.

·         REUSE – through clever engineering and restructuring, we are able to offer reusable solutions for MAP trays

·         RECYCLE – our new MAP trays are also recyclable as it is made using mono blend materials without lamination layer.





Hot Product Boneguard Shrink Bags is designed especially for bone-                  in products, either fresh or frozen, with high puncture resistance to avoid leakers during transportation and storage. 

                         China Manufacturer high barrier and shrink super-bone joint guard bags with long shelf life 

                         High puncture and barrier Export bone-in joints boneguard shrink bags

                         Boneguard Shrink Packaging For Pork Primal Cuts

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