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We suggest overstuffing of 5% for non-molded products, with the exact degree of overstuffing to be determined by stuffing method, product ingredient, and equipment used. The final product caliber may expand 1-2mm after stuffing depending on product ingredients. For more details please refer to “RSD AND FLAT WIDTH CONVERSIONS”

Please ensure that the clip size matches the casing size. For more details, you can refer to document “CASING SIZE AND STUFFING RECOMMENDATIONS”

Please note: Filling to the right caliber is important. If filling is too loose, it may result in wrinkles, inconsistent caliber and incorrect final shape/size of sausage after cooking. If filling is too tight, casing is vulnerable to breakages or delamination. Please consult your supplier for help determining the most correct sized casing to choose.

Hot Product Boneguard Shrink Bags is designed especially for bone- in products, either fresh or frozen, with high puncture resistance to avoid leakers during transportation and storage.

 PA PE Plastic Vacuum Food Packing Bag 

 Barrier Shrink Bag For Meat 

 Boneguard Shrink Packaging For Pork Primal Cuts

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