Purpose of packaging

- Nov 02, 2018-

The basic purpose of packaging is to protect meat and meat products from undesirable impacts on quality including microbiological and physio-chemical alterations. Packaging protectsfoodstuffs during processing, storage and distribution from:

  • contamination by dirt (by contact with surfaces and hands)

  • contamination by micro-organisms (bacteria, moulds, yeasts)

  • contamination by parasites (mainly insects)

  • contamination by toxic substances (chemicals)

  • influences affecting colour, smell and taste (off-odour, light, oxygen)

  • loss or uptake of moisture (evaporation or water absorption)

Adequate packaging can prevent the above listed secondary contamination of meat and meat products. But the further growth of microorganisms, which are already present in meat and meat products, cannot be interrupted through packaging only. To halt or reduce microbial growth, packaging has to be combined with other treatments, such as refrigeration, which will slow down or stop the further growth of microorganisms, or with heating/sterilization, which will reduce or completely eliminate contaminating microorganisms. Here are our product applications for you to refer.







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