Reasons for the popularity of pof shrink film

- May 03, 2018-

Pof shrink film is suitable for automatic high-speed packaging, is a safe and environmentally friendly packaging film, shrinking performance of the product protection, will not cause mess. The reason why pof shrink film is popular is due to its five major advantages.

1. High transparency: pof shrink film has no pattern, no crystal point, high transparency, good gloss and beautiful appearance. It can clearly display the appearance of the product, improve the sense of consciousness, and reflect the high grade.

2, strong cold resistance: POF film can maintain flexibility even at minus 20 degrees, does not occur embrittlement, suitable for packaging materials stored and transported in a cold environment.

3, uniform thickness: molecular structure, uniform thickness, welding performance, high strength, suitable for manual, semi-automatic and high-speed automatic packaging.

4. High shrinkage rate: high shrinkage rate, good flexibility, high puncture resistance, POF heat shrinkable film protects the product during transportation, and it is not easily punctured. It can package any shape of goods.

5, green: pof shrink film is environmentally friendly products, non-polluting, can be used for food packaging.

POF heat shrinkable film is widely used in various packaging fields because of its advantages. If you need this product, please contact us. We can provide detailed quotation and offer a lot. Please contact us to purchase it.