Three major reasons for pof shrink film prices

- May 03, 2018-

Pof shrink film also belongs to a kind of packaging film, which can be used to pack regular and irregular articles, which can provide good protection for articles. Sometimes when we buy pof shrink film, the price is usually different. Shrink film manufacturers explain why.

One reason: different materials. In the production of pof shrink film, polyethylene is mostly used as the middle layer, and polypropylene is used as the inner and outer layers. If the material selected is not the two types, the price of the shrink film will be affected.

Reason two: The quality is different. Pof shrink film manufacturers to tell you that the reason why the quality of shrink film is not the same, the main reason is the difference in the production process of shrink film, if the production process is relatively complete, then the quality of the pof shrink film will certainly be guaranteed.

Reason three: manufacturers are different. Now there are many manufacturers who produce pof shrink film. The shrink film produced by different manufacturers is also different in all aspects, which also causes the price difference of pof shrink film.

Speaking of the difference in the price of pof shrink film, mainly affected by the above three aspects, our pfo shrink film manufacturers produce qualified shrink film quality, strict material selection, reasonable price, welcome to buy.