Type of Meat Packaging

- Jun 26, 2018-

Tradition Overwrap Packaging - Approximately two-thirds of fresh meat sold is packaged with storOverwrapwebe wrap. Store wrap uses a foam tray which holds the meat and an absorbent pad wrapped with a clear atmosphere permeable plastic film. The permeability characteristics of the film allow oxygen from the air to come in contact with the meat. This type of packaging is very economical and utilized cost-effective equipment. However, it has the shortest case life because the meat is continuously exposed to oxygen.


Vacuum Packaging - Today, vacuum packaging is the primary method of protecting the color, flavor Vacuum Packaging and overall quality of processed meat from oxygen.  The general procedure is to remove all air from the immediate environment of the product and hermetically seal the product within its package before allowing the product to be re-exposed to the atmosphere.  The simplest industrial machine available for this purpose is the vacuum chamber machine.  It is designed to work with preformed bags or pouches where the product is inserted into the bag or pouch before placing into a clam shell chamber.


Modified Atmosphere Packaging- Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) was commercialized in the 1960’s.  As the name implies the environment or atmosphere surrounding the product inside its package is modified.  Purified gases of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen or carbon monoxide are the only gases permitted by the USDA for MAP applications.  Thus, the atmospheres commonly used are mixtures of these gases.  The primary purpose of MAP was to provide similar protection as vacuum packaging to delicate products that are typically damaged or crushed by a vacuum package.


Types of MAP

  • Vacuum

  • Oxygen/CO2,Nitrogen

  • High Oxygen/ Low Oxygen

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Peelable Films

  • Master Bag


Shrink Bags - Preformed shrink bags are the package of choice for raw meat primals and subprimals.  Additionally they are a popular choice for large roasts and meat logs sold to the food service markets. During the packaging procedure at the meat plant, the bag is shrunk after packaging by dipping the product into hot water; or by cascading hot  water over the product in a shrink tunnel.


Chub - A type of package, typically in tubular form, that is sealed on both ends wchris-chubswebith clips (metal or polymer) rather than heat.



IPE currently offers both PVDC and EVOH based shrink bags, covering meat/cheese/seafood sector.

Our product lines cover boneless and bone-in meats, processed meats, frozen and fresh poultry, and sausage chub films and casings.

We are currently the largest barrier shrink packaging manufacturer in China, and have over 10 extrusion lines, offering 5, 7, and 9 layer products, with multiple converting and printing lines in our factory. All stages are production are in-house managed, providing technological excellence and consistency in supply.


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