What Are the Differences Between EVOH & PVDC

- Jul 10, 2019-

What Are the Differences Between EVOH & PVDC

The most common barrier material in packaging is EVOH, which provides high-resistance packaging materials, but has limited effectiveness in high-humidity applications, where PVDC is the most suitable choice.


Advantages of EVOH:

1. Provide high barrier performance in low humidity environment

2. Good barrier effect on chemicals, including most oils, acids and solvents.

3. High transparency: ensuring ease of implementation

4. Aroma, good feel

5. EVOH can be co-extruded with a variety of polymers

Disadvantages of EVOH:

1. Hygroscopicity, may affect the processing and the use of end customers

2. Poor performance in high pressure environments

3. Compared with other polymers, the moisture resistance is not good.

4. Higher price due to complicated processing

Advantages of PVDC

1. High gas resistance and high moisture resistance

2. The air resistance effect is not affected by the high humidity environment

3. Perform well during cooking

Disadvantages of PVDC

1. Thermal sensitivity, more difficult to process

2. Bad transparency

3. The number of processors that provide co-agent production in hard packaging is small

4. Environmental protection is not optimistic, especially in Europe