what is tensile strength?

- Mar 22, 2019-

The test principle of plastic film tensile strength is: in the direction of the length of the plastic standard sample to apply a gradual increase in the tensile load, so that it deforms until the failure of the specimen, the maximum tensile stress required is the tensile strength, Mpa as the unit. The change in the tensile length of the specimen is expressed as the elongation at break, expressed in %. The elastic modulus of the plastic film can be obtained by selecting the appropriate stress and strain on the straight line segment before the yield point of the stress-strain curve, with Gpa as the unit.


High tensile strength: the tensile stress required for the destruction of the film, the film strength.

High elongation at break: the film is broken when the tensile length is long, film toughness.

Large modulus of elasticity: it requires large stress to make the not easy to deform.