When will tariffs come in?

- Sep 06, 2018-

On July 10, the US Trade Representative published a 205-page list of proposed tariffs, including nearly all categories of seafood produced or processed in China as well as many textiles, fruit, minerals, mechanical and industrial goods.

The US government is unlikely to alter its course on applying these tariffs before early October, a top lobbyist at the National Fisheries Institute told worried executives on an emergency conference call on July 12.

However, one American industry source told Undercurrent that, if the decision was not going to be discussed by the US Congress, it could be implemented earlier. "The schedule might well be put forward," he said. Then, the Congress might try to act to stop the decision, the latter source said.

From 10% to 25%?

This week, Robert Lighthizer, the USTR, confirmed Trump has asked him to look at raising tariffs from 10% to 25%. 

“The increase in the possible rate of the additional duty is intended to provide the Administration with additional options to encourage China to change its harmful policies and behavior and adopt policies that will lead to fairer markets and prosperity for all of our citizens," said Lighthizer, in a statement. 

“The United States has joined forces with like-minded partners around the world to address unfair trade practices such as forced technology transfer and intellectual property theft," he said. 

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