Wrap Beef With Oxygen Barrier Packaging

- Sep 14, 2018-

Fresh beef accounts for approximately 4 billion pounds and $15 billion in sales annually. Because the beef industry serves many markets, numerous demands are placed on the manufacture, distribution, sales and marketing of beef products to multiple segments of the food industry. To supply safe, high quality fresh products to its customers, the beef industry utilizes a range of packaging technologies. Beef packages must perform several functions.



Packages must:

-          Protect against contamination and deterioration,

-          provide product visibility, and display label information

-          serve a merchandising function and must be appealing to consumers.

-          withstand and handle abuse under refrigeration, freezing and intense lighting conditions

-          be economical to keep cost low and maintain beef's competitiveness among sources of dietary protein.


The multiple functions and variety of packaging technologies available for consumer products creates challenges for those who design packages for beef, including fresh, cooked or frozen beef products.


Hot Product For beef packaging either the wholesale level – barrier is critical. Our Austlon-S high shrink barrier bags can keep the product fresher for longer – in fact up to 4 months at chilled conditions! Ideal for export applications. We invite you to test.

At the retail level – you need a packaging with good clarity for consumer appeal and presentation.Our MAP tray 

lidding filmsshould be the best choice for keeping your beef at the height of freshness.

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