High-Tech Heat Shrink Film for Frozen Food (FDA Approved)

High-Tech Heat Shrink Film for Frozen Food (FDA Approved)

The new packaging is being introduced across Aldi’s whole range of sliced cooked meats, which includes popular products such as its Breaded Ham, Wafer Thin Ham and Roast Beef Slices.
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Product Details

Basic Info


Material: PA/EVOU/PE         Use:chilled and fresh meat,Sea foods, cheese, fresh&processed meat and poultry

Custom Order:Accept           Sealing & Handle:Heat Seal, Heat Seal                 Width:300-640mm

Industrial Use:Food              Specialty:High Barrier & Green& Shrink                 Thickness:25um

Benefits of MAP shrink lidding film: For MAP packaging, water in the meat reacts with CO2 interact in the gas mixture, turning into H2CO3, resulting in reduced gas volume over time. 


For Austlon-FA film, due to its elasticity and shrink, it will stay flat and wrinkle-free throughout product shelf life.

1. Environmentally friendly - easily recyclable

2. strong and presentable

3. puncture resistant and tough

4. better clarity and loner shelf life for retail sail 

5. less machine maintenance and a cleaner, higher quality overall appearance

6. Antifog and clarity 

Storage Condition:

Products should be kept in the manufacturer’s packaging in clean, dry storage facilities. Products should be protected from direct sun-light and at least 1 meter away from heating appliances, with temperature not exceeding 25°C and moisture <70%.

Standard PACKAGE:

- Shrink film (AUSTLON-FA) is available in 1600m depending on weight. 3”cores with 15mm thickness + aluminum foil + internal cardboard locator + stopper to protect the films.

- Cartons/rolls are placed on plastic pallets (1.1m x 1.1m), covered by at least 3 layers of stretch film and reinforced by strapping tape. Carton boxes do not contain metal staples, and nor do the strapping tape. 

- Pallets does not exceed 1.1m high, and weight not exceeding 600kg per pallet. The pallets will be double-stacked and will each 20GP may load 20 pallets.


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