MAP Shrink Lidding Film--Extend Shelf Life

MAP Shrink Lidding Film--Extend Shelf Life

AUSTLON-FA is a 25um shrink lidding film for MAP case ready applications. Due to its wide sealing range and processibility, it can seal directly to both PP (easy peel effect) and PE (lock seal), and is suitable for both rigid and semi-rigid tray applications. Boasting superb anti-fog capability and suitable for high speed processing, it has good memory and strength, and great clarity.
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MAP Shrink Lidding Film--Extend Shelf Life



What is MAP?

Modified Atmosphere Packaging is an advanced packaging technology that creates an optimal environment to extend produce shelf life. The specifically engineered micro-perforations control gas flow in and out of the package. This flow manages the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels inside the package and matches that flow to the products respiration rates. Oxygen flow into the package is reduced, slowing the ripening process and conserving moisture. The excess CO2 that is produced by the produce is also able to diffuse. The controlled rate of exchange promoted by the MAP packaging allows the internal atmosphere of the package to reach an oxygen level lower than the regular air.  


How Modified Atmosphere Packaging Extends Shelf Life?

The modified atmosphere created by MAP packaging limits oxygen flow and moisture evaporation. The controlled gas exchange reduces respiration rates by limiting the oxygen available in the package. Too much oxygen also increases bacterial decay and rapid spoilage. Excess oxygen also encourages sprouting, discolouration and blemishing. In a low oxygen, environment produce respiration rates lower. Lower respiration rates extend shelf life by preventing ageing and ensure moisture retention in picked produce.


How MAP Improves Taste?

  • Preserves natural sweetness

  • Maintains flavour through extended shelf life

  • Maintains quality and freshness without additives or preservatives

  • No salt, sugar or syrup needed

  • Allows produce to be picked closer to peak ripeness

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