MAP Tray Lidding Film China Exporter

MAP Tray Lidding Film China Exporter

MAP tray lidding film is a new generation packaging concept IPE put out for retail sailing. Mainly used for meat's ready case for the new purchasing habit of the customers, and it's also used to pack vegetables, seafood ,livestock poultry or cutting boneless or bone-in meat .
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Product Details

MAP tray lidding film


Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is a technique used for prolonging the shelf-life of fresh or minimally processed foods.

MAP tray lidding film technical specification

AUSTLON-FA is a 25um shrink lidding film for MAP case ready applications. Due to its wide sealing range and possibility, it can seal directly to both PP (easy peel effect) and PE (lock seal), and is suitable for both rigid and semi-rigid tray applications.

•         Flat Width:   300-640mm

•         Packaging:    1600m/roll

•         Thickness:    25um



Innovation and technology

Over 15 testing instruments right here on-site in our factory. We have invested over USD100,000 in this lab, and normally if you go to SGS to do one test, it will cost over USD500, and we have all the same equipment here. If you work with us, you will have access to all these.


Quality certification:

We have BRC, ISO 9001, HACCP, QS, Kosher, and Halal. All resins we use are FDA/EU approved, and we have full traceability on our products.


Company Info

For over 20 years, International Plastic Engineering (IPE) has been specializing in the production of barrier shrink packaging materials, including:

- Barrier shrink bags/tubing

- Barrier shrink films

- Plastic casings

IPE is specialized in barrier shrink products – we have done this for 20 years and we have been very focused on this sector.

All our investments have been in the BARRIER SHRINK industry

 - Anything that is barrier and non-shrink, like thermoforming, like vacuum pouches, we don’t make

-    Anything that is non-barrier and shrink, like POF film, we don’t make either

Everything we make is both barrier AND shrink.

This means that we have been able to concentrate all our experience and technology in this area. We don’t make many things, but anything we do make, we make it well. 

International Plastic Engineering Co., Ltd

Add: Changle Industrial Zone, Haimen City, Jiangsu Province 226124, China

Contact: Michelle Fan





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