Barrier Shrink Bags Made With EVOH And Polyamide For Fresh Meat Preservation

Barrier Shrink Bags Made With EVOH And Polyamide For Fresh Meat Preservation

By imported the 7 layer PVDC extrusion line from Europe at the early of 2019, IPE has been one of the handful suppliers that can offer a full range of barrier shrink bags-PVDC and EVOH bags, and both of them are all high barrier and high shrink, which means we can use less material without compromising the barrier or shrink rate to better protect your products from been Metamorphic.
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Product Details

Barrier Shrink Bags 

Made With EVOH and Polyamide For Fresh Meat Preservation


Product Description 

Our barrier shrink bags Austlon-S is designed especially for products requiring exceptional barrier properties such as fresh meat. High shrink rate and barrier means extended shelf life up to 4 months chilled. Suitable for export fresh meat applications.




Product parameters

Flat width: 180-650mm (7”-25”)

Bag length: 100-1100mm (4”-45”)

Bag type: Loose, taped, perforated on roll, curved or straight sealed

Thickness: 45um

Shrinkage: 45% at 85C

Oxygen barrier: <10cc/m2day 

Water barrier: <5g/m2day

Boneless meat bag available types

Please find below picture, that is our boneless meat bags available types such as Curved bottom, straight bottom, side seal, taped bottom, perforated on roll


Company information

IPE is specialized in barrier shrink products – we have done this for 20 years and we have been very focused on this sector.

All our investments have been in the BARRIER SHRINK industry

 - Anything that is barrier and non-shrink, like thermoforming, like vacuum pouches, we don’t make

-   Anything that is non-barrier and shrink, like POF film, we don’t make either

Everything we make is both barrier AND shrink.

This means that we have been able to concentrate all our experience and technology in this area. We don’t make many things, but anything we do make, we make it well.

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International Plastic Engineering Co., Ltd

Add: Changle Industrial Zone, Haimen City, Jiangsu Province 226124, China

Contact: Michelle Fan




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