Clear Heat Shrink Bag For Fresh Poultry

Clear Heat Shrink Bag For Fresh Poultry

Give your FRESH CHICKEN or RABBIT a professional look with our clear heat Shrink Bags.
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Clear Heat Shrink Bag For Fresh Poultry
Advantages  Poultry shrink bags allow you to keep poultry refrigerated before freezing.
ApplicationFresh poultry in frozen or chill condition 
Structure7 Layer Co-extruded
Material Gradefood grade, BPA free
Thicknessprofessional recommendation 
Print10+10 color flexco printing 
ColorCustomized color

How to use Shrink Bags for Processed Poultry-Chicken-turkey

Our poultry shrink bags Can be used to shrink a whole (5 - 7 lb) Chicken, Rabbit or other small game. Use our shrink bags to prepare your poultry or small game for your freezer with a simple, fast, and no hassle dip in hot water for a few seconds. here please refer to below detailed instructions:

-Heat pot of water to 185 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.
-Place turkey, neck first into the bag.
-Press and remove the air out as much as possible.
-Twist and or spin the open end shut, secure shut with a ring pliers and ring or zip tie.  
-Cut a small 1" slit in center of the bag just below the breast.  The air must escape thru this slit when shrinking the bag in hot water.
-Dunk the turkey and bag in the pot of water for 2 to 3 seconds and remove.  Dunking it for longer than 3 seconds can cause water to enter the slit you cut.
-Place your label over the slit you cut in the bag to remove air.  If they are for personal use and you do not have labels a strong waterproof tape will work.

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