Poultry Meat Heat Shrink Pouch Wrap Plastic Package Bag

Poultry Meat Heat Shrink Pouch Wrap Plastic Package Bag

Microbial growth, particularly growth of Pseudomonas and Achromobacter species, is the major factor limiting the shelf life of raw poultry. These Gramnegative aerobic spoilage bacteria are effectively inhibited by CO2. Consequently, the inclusion of CO2 in MAP at a concentration in excess of 20% can significantly extend the shelf life of raw poultry products. CO2 concentrations higher than 35% in the gas mixture of retail packs are not recommended because of the risks of pack collapse and excessive drip. Nitrogen is used as an inert filler gas, and a gas/product ratio of 2:1 is recommended. Since pack collapse is not a problem for bulk MAP
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 Poultry Meat Heat Shrink Pouch Wrap Plastic Package Bag


Product Description 

1. Product info

ItemPoultry Meat Heat Shrink Pouch Wrap Plastic Package Bag
ApplicationFresh&processed poultry, cheese
Structure7 Layer Co-extruded
Bag FormatStraight seal, curved seal, tapped, 
 side seal, round seal 
Material Gradefood grade 
Width190-550mm and Customized
Thickness Customized
Length100-1200mm and Customized
Appearanceflexco 10+10 color printing 
ColorHigh Transparent
MOQ50000m or small quantities with some surcharges 


1). Shrink 45% at 90ºC for 1-5 seconds
2). Allow the gas of the poultry or maturing cheese to release accordingly 
3). Low Water Vapour Transmission Rate
4). High Puncture-Resistance
5). Food Grade
6). Excellent sealabilty




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