Analysis On The Development Trend Of China's Plastic Packaging Bag Industry

- Nov 06, 2019-

China is the world's largest producer and seller of fruits and vegetables. However, about 30% of the fruits are lost during storage, transportation and sales. Improper packaging is an important reason. The role of packaging is very important. Currently, polyethylene film and polypropylene film are the most widely used packaging materials for fresh fruits and vegetables.

 The trend of plastic packaging bags continues to be optimistic

 The global demand for plastic bags will grow at a rate of 6.2% per year, and the market demand will reach $37.3 billion by 2018. This increase in value is triggered by the traditional consumer preferences of consumers and producers. The market is more inclined to traditional plastic packaging, which can be said to be a market consumption inertia.


The new development trend of packaging bags opens up a new round of market

In the development prospects, stand-up bags will be the most demanding growth potential.Although flat bags will continue to occupy the majority of the market, people are beginning to gradually prefer this "stand-up" packaging.



Manufacturers and consumers demand for the quality of packaging bags is increasing.

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