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- Aug 06, 2018-

We are a family business – our owner started the business in 1998, and at that time all China’s plastic casings were monolayer, and multilayer casings had to be imported from Japan or Europe.

He purchased the first 5 layer multilayer casing line from Europe, started the business, and soon had a monopoly of the market.

Then of course, everyone started copying the technology and soon we had to find new business opportunities, and this is why we started the shrink bags.


In 2005, the company moved to Haimen city, which is 2 hours driving from Shanghai, mainly because there is not enough room to expand at our old site, and also because we are exporting a lot more. Being closer to Shanghai means we have better access to customers and ports.


In 2013,  we invested in the first 9 layer triple bubble extrusion line in Asia. Since we put different resins in each layer, having more layers mean we can add more functionality to the film. Higher barrier, better sealing, moisture proof, better puncture etc.


In 2018, we will be adding PVDC extrusion to our company – and with this IPE will become one of a handful of companies that is able to offer the full range of barrier shrink products including casings, shrink films, and shrink bags.


Hot Product Boneguard Shrink Bags is designed especially for bone-                  in products, either fresh or frozen, with high puncture resistance to avoid leakers during transportation and storage. 

                         Boneguard Shrink Bags 

                       High Abuse Shrink Bags

                      TBG Bone in Bag

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