IPE Can Help You Achieve Packaging Reduction And Sustainability Goals.

- Nov 21, 2018-

It has been 8 months since China had banned all global imports of low grade plastic, card, and paper packaging waste. EU, Australia, and US are all trying to find ways to increase recycling of plastic, introduce new tax on packaging use, and redirecting plastic waste to other countries.  Packaigng sustainability has never been a hotter topic, and we at IPE can help you achieve packaging reduction and sustainability goals.  We believe and promote the following “R”s within our company: REDUCE – through use of new and innovative materials, we are able to provide solutions using LESS packaging materials without compromising performance. E.g. we are able to offer 50% weight reduction in our boneguard shrink bags* compared to traditional solutions. REUSE – through clever engineering and restructuring, we are able to offer reusable solutions for MAP trays RECYCLE – our new MAP trays are also recyclable as it is made using mono blend materials without lamination layer. hashtag#packaging sustainability# hashtag#packaging reduction# hashtag#sustainability hashtag#recycling hashtag

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