High Temperature In Summer Should Pay Attention To The Applicability Of Shrink Film Packaging

- May 03, 2018-

 In the summer of this year, temperatures throughout the country hit record highs. In Kunshan city, the high temperatures in the past days made it difficult to breathe. Many consumers worry that whether plastic foods can be “breathed” in high temperature environments. Will toxic substances in plastic shrink film packaging products be released into foods? Will the shelf life of food products shorten?

Food hygiene experts said that as long as it is strictly in accordance with national standards of food packaging bags, vacuum bags, POF shrink film material packaging boxes and other plastic shrink film packaging products, its safety and heat resistance can be completely assured. However, the key point is that companies must strictly control quality and science and technology, and must ensure that the products meet national food safety standards. At the same time, custom requirements must also be met according to the different food characteristics.

Food plastic packaging not only affects the taste and preservation of foods, but also affects food safety. The Federal Food Inspection Agency of Canada has a famous saying: Is your food safe? Let's look at whether the packaging is qualified! Food plastic packaging has gradually been accepted by consumers as part of food safety.

However, consumers and even some food companies do not know much about how to choose plastic packaging materials, and fall into the misunderstanding of “beauty and safety”. In fact, there are as many as 100 types of plastics. Not all plastics can be used to package foods, and different foods need to be packaged in different materials.

For example, polyethylene (PE) bags are odorless and non-toxic, have good moisture resistance and low temperature resistance, and are ideal materials for the production of cling film, etc. Packaging fruit foods is very suitable. However, under high-temperature conditions, polyethylene packaging can release toxic substances that can enter the body with food, induce breast cancer, birth defects in newborns, and so on. Polypropylene (PP) bags contain less additives, are more stable at high temperatures, and can withstand high temperatures of 130°C. Therefore, polypropylene (PP) bags are more suitable for plastic water cups and plastic lunch boxes for microwave heating than other materials. .

Do not pay attention to the customization needs of packaging bags, even if the food company chooses materials that can be used for food packaging, it is also easy to bury potential safety hazards in hot weather.