How To Use MAP Lidding Film

- Jul 03, 2020-

Following these instructions will ensure lidding film performance is optimized


Please ensure there is at least 30mm spacing from film edge to tray, and between the tray offcuts. This is to ensure after sealing the scraps are rewound consistently without film snapping. 



Before opening boxes please check to ensure outer packaging is not visibly damaged.

After unpacking the boxes, please check the following:

- Film width is correct. Wrinkles indicates product has been exposed to moisture or excessive heat. If this is noted, please take off a few layers to see whether inner roll is well protected and correct size. Please also take care to keep product well protected from moisture and heat during storage.

- Check whether there are sharp edges or surfaces on or near operating area to avoid damage during processing.



1. Choosing suitable mixed gas which matches the meat packed.

2. We recommend keeping the same gas flushing and vacuuming time, it’s ideal to reach 5mm from the highest point to the seal level. 



As material and structure of shrink films may differ between suppliers, it is sometimes necessary to adjust machine settings for optimal performance. We recommend the following for Austlon-FA