IPE New Barrier Resin Packaging ---PVDC Packaging

- Feb 15, 2019-

Main resins used in today plastic packaging material
 PA: Quite rigid material, high mechanical strength, easy to print on
 PE: high water barrier function, low O2 barrier function, not easy to print on. This material film is very soft and flexible.
 EVOH: high O2 barrier function, but sensitive to water also, it will lose the high barrier under high humid environment. 
So we will      protect EVOH from moisture using layer technology

 PVDC :a remarkable barrier against water, oxygen, and aromas. not easy to print, usually require higher processing temperature, very soft and flexible material, sometimes yellowish tint, moderate strength.

IPE shrink bags offering plan in year 2019-PVDC Packaging 

a. What is PVDC?

PVDC is a kind of high barrier property and strong toughness, and low temperature heat sealing, heat shrinkage and chemical stability, a kind of ideal packaging materials in the packaging industry, especially its dampness, the oxygen resistance, moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to oil and various chemical solvents, such as performance, over the past 50 years is widely used in food, medicine, military packaging.

b. What will we produce PVDC production lines to pack ?


C, why we push out PVDC?

1.Better strength for its higher shrinkage than PA/PE packaging;

2.Higher barrier for extra-long protection for freezer storage than PA/PE bags;

 For longer shelf life requirements, when storing for 2 years or even longer, the higher barrier will help reduce freezer burn,     product weight loss, and discoloration for frozen products.

3.Better shrinkage- increase product strength and barrier after shrink, and better product presentation than ordinary vacuum bags;


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