Supermarket Packaging Paper Bags Or Pof Shrink Film Bags?

- May 03, 2018-

Paper bag or pof shrink film bag? When paying at any supermarket in the earth, we are often mentioned this issue. Of course, paper products come from trees, but pof shrink film products do? It is widely known that pof shrink film is a man-made object that does not originally exist in nature and must be specially produced. Soft packaging used in the food, medical, and electronics markets is the main area of growth for the pof shrink film manufacturing business.

With our focus on pof shrink film and fiber markets, our plant can provide equipment for higher-end applications such as food and pharmaceutical packaging and fiber resin compounding.

Our factory is a supplier of auxiliary equipment for the pof shrink film industry, producing material handling, mixing and control equipment. The equipment is widely used in the pof shrink film and fiber market to support higher end applications such as food and pharmaceutical packaging and fiber resin compounding.

Help clients assess their needs and provide the most effective and economical strategies possible. Immediately after arriving at the customer's factory, the raw materials are mechanically transported and stored. The resin is then injected into the mixing equipment and the resin is mixed and then squeezed. In many applications, the device can be used as a master controller on a mechanical assembly line to supervise the process, or as a slave device, combined with the manufacturer's downstream pof shrink film processing device and communicate through it.

 In an ambitious plan, Kunshan Shrink Films decided to redesign to improve controller performance and improve system communication, and decided in 2007 to launch a simple series mixer with industrial PC (IPC) technology. Since then, the modernization of the system structure has achieved remarkable results. Today, PC- and EtherCAT-based controllers can handle many important functions in the system including mixing/extrusion control.