The Development Trend Of Food Packaging In The Next 10 Years

- Oct 17, 2019-

(1) For most new types of packaging, raw materials based on petrochemical products will be mainly used;

(2) Further development of aseptic packaging will reduce the need for refrigeration equipment;

(3) More and more consumers are willing to use plastic cans and plastic bottles, which will replace glass products and, in some cases, metal products;

(4) Flexible packaging materials are developed to high quality;

(5) Reducing the cost of packaging by improving the performance of packaging materials, rather than unilaterally pursuing the reduction of material prices (packages are different from general products, and require frequent loading, encapsulation, storage, transportation, etc., and customers often have a process of storage and use, so we must ensure and improve the quality of packaging);

(6) Lightweight packaging will continue to progress.