We Will Supply PVDC Packaging For Various Meat Packing To Satisfy The Requirements Of More Competitive Price

- Dec 28, 2018-

What is PVDC?

PVDC is a kind of high barrier property and strong toughness, and low temperature heat sealing, heat shrinkage and chemical stability, good ideal packaging materials, in the packaging industry, especially its dampness, the oxygen resistance, moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to oil and various chemical solvents, such as performance, over the past 50 years is widely used in food, medicine, military packaging.

PVDC is a copolymer with vinylidene chloride as the main component. Because pure PVDC is difficult to process and apply, homopolymers have been unable to be industrialized. But actually we have worked on it for around 10 years, the high barrier and shrink packaging has now been more and more popular all over the world, and now hard work finally will pay off in the early of 2019, we will supply this kind of packaging  to satisfy the requirements of more competitive price  with better shrink and better barrier. So if you want to buy a cheaper packaging, PVDC  will  also be the best choice for you.

Why choose PVDC?

1) excellent barrier performance, excellent barrier performance for water vapor, oxygen, smell and fragrance.

2) longer shelf life can realize normal temperature circulation.

3) cooking resistance good, ability of 121 ℃ for 30 minutes of cooking, and barrier effect can remain after cooking.

4) excellent hygiene performance, in line with FDA standards and GB9685.

5) all raw materials used conform to GB9685, FDA, EC, REACH and other standards.

More PVDC & EVOH, Less paper, wood or other traditional materials for less material waste, better taste of food.

In the 80 s, the world organization for green angel with environmental protection caused a huge movement against white pollution, especially chlorine plastic risk was sentenced to capital punishment, the McDonald's fast food once change the plastic box to box, countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden announced no longer use PVC, but overall, chlorine plastic is still in the development of PVDC in Japan is still increasing at the rate of 2%. 

According to concerning sectional statistic, PVDC accounted for only 0.5% of the city of plastic, burning carcinogens dioxins, Dloxin is very limited, far less than vehicle exhaust emissions and deciduous plants of toxic substances produced by burning, wuxi, vice President of the institute of light industry, PVDC packaging expert professor Li Liyao writing requires comprehensive assessment, appropriate evaluation of PVDC on environmental pollution problems. Professor li liyao pointed out that "if we replace plastic packaging with paper, wood or other traditional materials today, we will increase packaging waste by 4 times, increase the volume by 2.5 times, and increase the total energy and total cost of packaging by 2 times. Using plastic bags can reduce total energy consumption by 42-70%, air pollution by 63-73%, water pollution by 90%, and the total weight of materials by 75%. Therefore, it can be said that some presumptive conclusions are not necessarily scientific, strictly speaking, PVDC pollution is negligible.

Though we have already had a mature technology of EVOH high barrier packaing solution in our production lines, we still decide to add PVDC packaing bags into our production system to make sure every food supplier in different food market are able to get a more competitive budget with a high barrier and high shrink packaging solution to save their packaging cost.

So please feel free to contact us, if you are still using other traditional materials packaging solution to pack your fresh & delicious food,  it will be absolutely an advisible decision to use a higher barrier and higher shrink bags to keep your products more fresh, more taste and more consumer appeal.