What Kind Of Packaging Solutions IPE Can Offer For ASF In 2019 Meat Product Packaging Forum

- Apr 11, 2019-

The prevention and control of African swine fever is an international problem. In particular, China’s pigs are heavily stocked and farmers are scattered. It is very difficult to prevent and control the epidemic. The Chinese government has made great efforts to this end.

On April 9th, the International Seminar on Prevention and Control of Hog Chops, jointly organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural China and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Organization for Animal Health, was held in Beijing. Since last year, the global African swine fever epidemic has been active, and more than 6,500 epidemics have been reported in 25 countries and regions. Participants exchanged views on epidemic monitoring and early warning, epidemic eradication and progress in vaccine research and development.

So here are the Packaging Solutions IPE Can Offer for ASF in 2019 Meat Product Packaging Forum:

1. For Bone-in meat delivery


BD bags are our bone guard bags, and we are very proud of this. Our BD bags are sold well in AUS market and even can be competed with 110micron bag.We can also downguage the bag without compromising the puncture resistance.

We have a great customer that is in Australia and packing lamb. They used to use the Cryovac TBG patched bag – and were getting about 3% reject rate. When they switched over to our BDM series, they managed to cut leak rate down to 1 out of 300 packs, AND they also saved money by switching to us also.

2. for fresh meat retail selling 



For boneless meat at the wholesale level – barrier is critical. Our Austlon shrink bags can keep the product fresher for longer – in fact up to 4 months at chilled conditions! Ideal for export applications. We invite you to test.


At the retail level – you need a high shrink bag or tray packaging with lidding films for small volume packaging  with good clarity for consumer appeal and presentation.