Nylon Sausage Casing

Nylon Sausage Casing

IPLON is a multilayer barrier shrink casing with good strength and processibility.
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Product Details

Nylon Sausage Casing

Product Description

IPE now have over 20 years experiences in plastic Packaging, which is playing a lead role in the meat packaging industry in China.With modern management,excellent staffs and strong technical team, we have produced machine equipments which can meet all customers from all over the world.

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Product specification

-       Flat Width:               35-280mm

-       Caliber:                  23-178 mm

-       Packaging:            1000m/roll or 30-40m/shirred stick

-       Available formats:  Roll, shirred, cut/clip/looped

-       Printing:                 8+8 flexographic printing available

Product Uses


Our Services

1) we would like to produce the special sheep casings according to your special requirement.


2) we can assure you that we will give you the best quality of the round sausage casings.

You can choice any methods to test our quality, such as testing samples, placing a trial order,

or visiting our factory at any time. If you find any problems about our casings, we will

give your full compensation.


3) As for the prices, we will offer you the most competitive prices.


Company Information


IPE is specialized in barrier shrink products – we have done this for 20 years and we have been very focused on this sector.

All our investments have been in the BARRIER SHRINK industry

 - anything that is barrier and nonshrink, like thermoforming, like vacuum pouches, we don’t make

 -Anything that is non-barrier and shrink, like POF film, we don’t make either

Everything we make is both barrier AND shrink.

This means that we have been able to concentrate all our experience and technology in this area. We don’t make many things, but anything we do make, we make it well.

You can see that we have a history of being FIRST in China for many things :


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