Plastic Casing For Ham Sausage Packaging Sliced Ham Usage

Plastic Casing For Ham Sausage Packaging Sliced Ham Usage

For moulded hams, casing needs to take on the shape of the mold for attractive appearance, but strong enough so that casing do not burst when contacting metal edges. Our IPLON-M casing is designed with high flexibility so during cooking the meat will expand fully to the corners of the mold to fit appropriate shape.
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Available Casing Colors


Usage Instruction Process

- Preheat temperature to 60-80°C for 30-60 minutes depending on sausage diameter   

- Cooking temperature should be set between 75-80°C with sausage centre temperature between 70-72°C   

- Rinsing is the first step of the cooling process. Cooked sausages should be rinsed to lower sausage centre temperature to 25-30°C. Strongly recommend against cool air drying casings as it would result in surface wrinkling    

- After rinsing, sausages should be further cooled and dried in room temperature and refrigerated at 4-6°C to maximize shelf life. Sausages should be kept slightly apart during cooling to ensure equal shrinkage and avoid surface wrinkles caused by uneven cooling. 

Available formats of 4X4 ham plastic casing 
Please find below picture, it is our 4X4 ham plastic casing available types such as Roll, shirred, cut/clip/looped.

We also have Austlon-R(for retort), Austlon-E(for high barrier), Austlon-CS(for round sausage, caliber stable), Austlon-CSP(for sliced product, easy peel)

Additional Service

1. Printing

  • Flexographic 10+10 printing

  • FW40-250mm double sided

  • FW250 upwards single sided

  • Glossy colors and scratch resistant

  • Minimum print run = 10,000

2. Shirring

  • Shirring range: FW40-250mm

  • Caliber  25-167

  • 30-50m/stick

3. Cut/Clipped/Looped

  • Size  range: FW40-300mm

  • Caliber  25-201

  • White/red colored string

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