Easy Peeling Color Casing For Sausage China Factory

Easy Peeling Color Casing For Sausage China Factory

EVOH PA PE Materials High Barrier casings is a multilayer casings produced for a longer shelf life for your processed meat, such as 5 or 7 layer co-extrusion, blowing and stretching, etc. and with excellent raw materials. Mainly used for cooking meat/sausage/hams , and it's also used to pack cheeses,livestock beef mince or cutting meat .
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Easy Peeling Color Casing for Sausage China Factory

Easy peel casing is suitable for round sausages or sliced applications requiring good calibre control. Good mechanical strength and consistency in calibre makes consistently round sausages for hang cooked products.

Flat width:        45-230mm
Calibre:       28-146mm

Packaging:    1000m/roll or 30-40m/shirred stick

Thickness:       50um
Shrinkage:       10%

Overstuffing:  5-8%

Oxygen barrier: <35cc/m2day

Water barrier:  <18g/m2day

Available formats: Roll, shirred, cut/clip/looped




1. High quality with reasonable price.

2. Materials: easy recycled barrier material EVOH for a longer shelf life of your casings;




1.  Iplon:  Flexibility for high overstuffing, and Suitable for round sausage with high expansion after cooking; 

2. Iplon-CS: Round sausage with stable caliber control for hang cooked sausages with high meat content;

3. Iplon-CSP: Like CS type but with easy peel;


4. Iplon-M: Casing with high flexibility to fit mold shape;

5. Iplon-E: With EVOH for a longer shelf life of your processed meat; 

6. Iplon-R: Especially designed for retort applications for up to 120°C for up to 30 minutes. (no printing)




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