Plastic Casing Packaging For Round Sausage Shape Stability

Plastic Casing Packaging For Round Sausage Shape Stability

Iplon-CS is designed with excellent mechanical strength to give superior caliber control and processIbility. Meat cling to provide longer shelf life.For round sausages, uniformity in product shape is important not only for attractive appearance but also uniformity in product shape for sliced products.
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Product Details

Plastic Casing Packaging For Round Sausage Shape Stability



Product Specification:

  • Flat Width: 45-230mm

  • Caliber: 28-146 mm

  • Thickness: 40um, 45um, 50um

  • Packaging: 1000-1300m/roll or 30-100m/shirred stick

  • Available formats:  Roll, shirred, cut/clip/looped

  • Printing: 10+10 flexographic printing available

Iplon-CS Plastic Casing Application:


Ordering process

Minimum order: 10000m

Samples:   free samples for evaluation are available

Loading port:Shanghai 

Lead time: 4-8 weeks, for more details, please contact our sales. 

Available Casing Colors


Additional Service

1. Printing

  • Flexographic 10+10 printing

  • FW40-250mm double sided

  • FW250 upwards single sided

  • Glossy colors and scratch resistant

  • Minimum print run = 10,000

2. Shirring

  • Shirring range: FW40-250mm

  • Caliber  25-167

  • 30-50m/stick

3. Cut/Clipped/Looped

  • Size  range: FW40-300mm

  • Caliber  25-201

  • White/red colored string

Why Choose IPE:



Contact Info

International Plastic Engineering Co., Ltd

Add: Changle Industrial Zone, Haimen City, Jiangsu Province 226124, China

Contact: Michelle Fan





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