Barrier Shrink Bag for Food

Barrier Shrink Bag for Food

AUSTLON-S Barrier shrink bag for food
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Barrier shrink bag for food

Product introduction 

Barrier shrink bag for food is designed especially for products requiring exceptional barrier properties such as fresh meat. For boneless meat at the wholesale level – barrier is critical. Our Barrier shrink bag for food can keep the product fresher for longer – in fact up to 4 months at chilled conditions! Ideal for export applications. We invite you to test. 


Ordering process

All our account managers are technically trained to provide free and professional consultation. Right from the start to choose the most suitable packaging method, material based on your packaging needs, Product type, shelf life, cooking and cooling method (if applicable), distribution method, target market, inventory needs, and price are just some of the factors we take into consideration. So don’t hesitate to contact with our account managers.


Innovation and technology 

Every company you work with will say that focus on quality. But how we do this in IPE is like this:

We do it in 3 steps:

1.Production – All our resins are imported and all the technology we invest in is leading edge, and we are an innovative company

2.Management – we have a rigorous QC program, and we use BRC as a guiding system in our management practice. 

3.Traceability – we have complete tracing recall system. On every single product we send you, it will have a batch number, and we are able to trace back fully to each worker, each line, each resin batch, all within 2 hours. 

Of course, finally we have experienced sales staff who we call technical sales to help look after you. 


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