Taped Shrink Bag High Abuse Meat Packaging Material Austlon-TAD Exporter

Taped Shrink Bag High Abuse Meat Packaging Material Austlon-TAD Exporter

AUSTLON-TAD60 is multi-layer bi-orientated co-extruded vacuum heat shrink bag especially used for processed hard, dried products requiring extra abuse. It is made from high barrier and strength material also such as EVOH, PA and PE. Extra strength and durability to ensure no leaks.
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Product Details

Shrink Bag for Abuse Resistance



  • Flat Width:      175-500mm

  • Bag length:     100-1000mm

  • Packaging:        1000m/roll or 1000 bags/carton

  • Bag type: Curved bottom, straight bottom, side seal, taped bottom, perforated on roll


Shrink bag storage
Products should be kept in the manufacturer’s packaging in clean, dry storage facilities. Products should be protected from direct sun-light and at least 1 meter away from heating appliances, with temperature not exceeding 25°C and moisture<70%.

Shrink bag Regulatory Compliance
Materials and processes used in the manufacture of this product adheres to ISO 9001:2000, and BRC/IoP Hygiene Standards including HACCP.  
For further information please contact: info@hq-plastic.com, or call +86-21-36393240.

Technical sales support
All our account managers are technically trained to provide free and professional consultation. Right from the start to choose the most suitable packaging method, material based on your packaging needs, Product type, shelf life, cooking and cooling method (if applicable), distribution method, target market, inventory needs, and price are just some of the factors we take into consideration. So don’t hesitate to contact with our account managers.

Why choose us:

  1. FIRST IN CHINA to produce 5 layer barrier casing

  2. FIRST IN CHINA to produce barrier shrink bags

  3. FIRST IN ASIA to offer 9 layer EVOH shrink bag

  4. FIRST IN CHINA to offer barrier shrink films

  5. CURRENTLY #1 in export volume

  6. All resins FDA/EU approved


We go regularly to shows to exhibit our product, with IFFA being the most important show for us.



International Plastic Engineering Co., Ltd

Add: Changle Industrial Zone, Haimen City, Jiangsu Province 226124, China

Contact: Michelle Fan




Web: www.hq-plastic.com

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