PVDC Heat Shrink Vacuum Bag For Cooked Meat

PVDC Heat Shrink Vacuum Bag For Cooked Meat

Product Description PVDC Food Grade Heat Shrink Fresh meat Bag advantages: Other applications Who are we? For over 20 years, International Plastic Engineering (IPE) has been specializing in the production of barrier shrink packaging materials, including: - Barrier shrink bags/tubing - Barrier...
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PVDC Heat Shrink Vacuum Bag For Precooked Meat Info

Packaging should be clear, glossy, with good clarity function. Good shrinkage of bags to ensure no excess film around the products.

so please feel free to contact us if you want to buy a more competitive bags with high barrier performance for longer sh

shelf life.



1). Shrink 40% at 90ºC for 1-5 seconds
2). Low Oxygen Transmission Rate for longer shelf life 
3). Low Water Vapour Transmission Rate to batter maintain the water inside your products
4). High Puncture-Resistance
5). Food Grade
6). Excellent sealabilty
Other applications 



Who are we?


- Barrier shrink bags/tubing                                Barrier shrink films                                          -  Plastic casings


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