Shrink Bags For Fresh Or Freezer Poultry

Shrink Bags For Fresh Or Freezer Poultry

High shrink to minimize the material in the corners and your product purge; Exceptional barrier to retain the maximum product shelf life; Highlight your product quality with excellent optical properties; Lower rework and waste with proven puncture resistance, designed for your product Enhanced print quality that drives consumers to your product Seal through contamination and folds to reduce rework
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Austlon Poultry Shrink Bags carries high quality poultry shrink bags to help you prepare your poultry or small game for your freezer with a simple, fast, and no hassle dip in  hot water for a few seconds.  We cater to mostly small poultry farmers, backyard chicken specialist,  We offer just the bags or if you want the complete freezer kit we offer that as well.



1) In a large pot, bring water to 190 degrees F (anywhere between 185 and 200 degrees F is fine).

2) After dressing your chicken, make sure you drain it as well as possible. We use a draining rack made for this purpose. 

2) Place chicken, head first (If the chicken still had a head. So, neck first that is) into the bag.

3) Push the air out. We do this by giving the chicken a "hug."

4) Twist the open end shut (make a pigtail) and secure with a tie wrap or clamp.  

5) THIS STEP IS ESSENTIAL! In the section of the chicken between the breasts in the middle of the chest, pierce the bag with a 1/4-inch hole.  Doing this will ensure that air can escape - you want the air to escape, otherwise it will look like a "puff fish." 

6) Then, dip the bag into the heated water for 2 to 3 seconds. This will get the perfect result. Don't dip too long otherwise water will enter the bag through the small puncture you made for the air to escape.

7) Be amazed at what you just created!

or if you have vacume machine, you can follow below instruction as well:


After finishing, you can place your product label over the puncture hole (don't put the label on before shrinking!).

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